Pelli Cha, the world’s first eco friendly demi-couture eveningwear line, was founded in 2008 by entrepreneur and designer Lindsey Pelliccia.  Lindsey became interested in sustainable fashion after falling in love with Brasil.  While studying in Rio de Janeiro she was moved by the sharp contrasts - the natural beauty and the pollution, the human potential and the poverty.  She then decided to research the environmental impact of the textile industry.  Her findings inspired her to act.  What resulted is an environmentally responsible collection of gowns – each as exceptional and lovely as their wearer.

Pelli Cha, as a brand, is about strength and individuality.  Described as young contemporary and classy chic, each gown is made to be comfortable and unique, with luxurious textures that are delightful to wear.  Our pieces are made in limited numbers, almost entirely by hand.  Custom dye work, creative stitching, and unexpected details render pieces that are one-of-a-kind.  Pelli Cha wants you to feel more like yourself… because nothing could be more beautiful! 

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